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Live Virtual Interactive Tour of New York City


90 Min


The Live Virtual Interactive Tour is more than what you expect, because we share our passion for NYC - knowledge and experience - as local experts.

During this online experience, you will see everything my camera sees, live (while driving and or on foot).

You will also have the opportunity to interact with me as I take you through the streets of NYC. I may share the story with you about New York City and how our tour began here.

We have many historical, fun facts, and stories to share with you.

Our hope is for you to have a good time, get helpful information for your next visit, or some nostalgia.

Choose one of Live Interactive Experiences:

1 Central Park Hidden Gems- Live Virtual Tour -1 hour 15min-(by foot)

2 The Overview Tour of NYC! Live Driving Virtual Tour -1h.30min

3 Uptown Harlem and Black Culture - Live Virtual Tour 1h 30min

4 A Financial Empire: NYC - Live Virtual Tour -1h 30min-

5 Midtown and Times Square Live Virtual Tour 1h 30min

6 Brooklyn Then and Now Live Virtual Tour 1h 30min

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